Saturday, June 19, 2010

I didn't have time to write an entirely new song for Father's Day. I hope the fathers won't be too disappointed. I come up with something to sing with one of my old, favorite primary songs, though. The primary and youth will be singing "Daddy's Homecoming", (the one that starts out "I'm so glad when daddy comes home"). The primary will be singing the first, original verse. The youth choir will be singing a verse that I found on the primusic yahoo group. I tweaked, the verse a bit. I wish we had recorded it, but we didn't have time.

I'm so glad when my dad comes home,
He shoots some hoops with me.
He leads the family in scriptures,
prayer and F-H-E.

We go for walks and have long talks
He taught me how to add.
When I grow up, I want to be.
Just like Dad!

The kids loved it, and the the primary really enjoyed singing with the older kids.

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Eldredge greatness said...

hi My name is also Amber. I somehow found your site. your "fear not" is hands down my favorite! I just have been called as new choir director in the ward I just barely moved into, (sabre springs in san diego):). story: so it was my third week attending sacrament meeting. I'm sitting in the back row. After listening to an amazing talk the ward choir get up there. I'll spare you the details. All I could think throughout the entire monotonous song was "wow" the ward choir consisted of like two families. needless to say, I have to get people excited again. I am super new at this. Singing is my passion, music.
I was hoping to somehow find or buy the sheet music for fear not. PLEASE. its fantastic. I think your songs are inspirational. I feel so lucky to have ran into your blog.
I would appreciate it greatly!
ambyr eldredge
please feel free to write me at